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Persian Cats - Domestic Cats | List of Cat Breeds | Cute Cats

Persian Cats

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Persian Cats

The origin of a Persian cat is still a mystery, It’s commonly believed that Persian cats were originated in Mesopotamia, which was later named Persia and is now modern-day Iran.

Their soft features and mild personality attracted the attention of Pietro Della Valle, an Italian nobleman who is credited with bringing these felines to Europe in the 17th century. 


This cat has a unique appearance: a large, round head; large, round eyes; a small nose; full faces; and tiny ears with rounded tips.  

These cat’s legs are short, thick, and strong, round, firm paws to support their sturdy bodies. The tail is short and equal to the length of the cat’s body.

A long, thick, shiny coat with a fine texture completes the overall look of a Persian cat. These Cats are available in over 80 different color combinations.

Coat Length: Long, thick, glossy

Persian Cats Lifespan: 15 to 20 years

Persian Cats Size / Weight: Persian cat males weighing 9 to 14 pounds and females weighing 7 to 11 pounds.

pics of persian cats, persian cat images, images of persian cats, pictures of persian cats, persian cat photo

About Persian Cats Personality

These cats are quiet and sweet nature. Persians are affectionate but discriminating. They love to gather the attention of family members and those few guests whom they feel they can believe.

Persian kitty has some different features, including a round head with a short face and snub nose. They have chubby cheeks, big, round eyes, small rounded ears.

Feeding & Grooming

Feeding: The flat face and short jaw of your Persian kitty may make it more difficult for her to eat dry kibble and drink enough water. 

Persian Cats Grooming: Although they can shed a lot, proper grooming will prevent your Persian cat from leaving hair all over your home. Comb her hair daily to prevent tangles and matting and to remove loose hair. Bathing once a month will keep her coat and skin healthy and dirt-free.

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