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Ragamuffin Cat - Domestic Cats | List of Cat Breeds | Cute Cats

Ragamuffin Cat

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Ragamuffin Cat

Ragamuffin cat was created by Ragdoll owners who crossed the breed with other cats. Some breeders wanted to introduce new colors and patterns while others thought it was important to widen the actual breed

The breeding of Ragdolls was strictly controlled by that breed’s founder, Ann Baker, a new group formed to create its breed. So they outcrossed to Persians, Himalayans and domestic longhaired cats, to increase the size and to bring about other changes in appearance that would differentiate the Ragamuffin from the Ragdoll.

The name Ragamuffin was chosen in part as an honor to the founding breed.


The Ragamuffin cat has a large, long body. It is heavily boned with a long tail and a plush coat. This cat has a medium-sized head but her fur makes her face look large. Ragamuffin cat appears even bigger than it is.

The ears are also medium-sized and are set on the sides of the head. The legs are long and strong. This cat has a well-developed chin and the oval eyes in blue.

Coat Length: long and silky

Ragamuffin cat lifespan:  8-13 yrs

Ragamuffin cat size:  males weigh more than 20 pounds, Females usually weigh 10 to 15 pounds.

Ragamuffin Cat Personality

These cats want nothing more than to follow his people around and sit in a lap whenever possible. This cat is a combination of smart, friendly personality and willingness to play fetch, learn tricks, and walk on a leash. Ragamuffin is a healthy breed that reaches adulthood at 4 years old.

Feeding & Grooming

Feeding: Every cat is unique and each has their particular likes, dislikes, and needs when it comes to food.

Cats are carnivores and every cat must obtain 41 different nutrients from their food. Proper nutrients will vary depending on age and overall health, so an energetic kitten needs a different balance of nutrients in her diet than a less active senior cat.

Grooming: Ragamuffins cats have incredibly soft fur, but luckily for lovers of this breed, their coat is tangle resistant. One weekly brushing with a stainless steel comb is sufficient for this breed. This will remove debris and dead hair while helping keep these loveable felines looking as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

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