Somali Cat

Somali Cat
Somali Cat

The Somali cat is the long-haired version of the Abyssinian cat. These longhair gene was introduced into the Abyssinian breed in early 1900 but this variety was not bred specifically until 1960.

The original introduction of the longhaired gene took place in Britain and later this was exported to Europe and America. The systematic breeding of the Somali cat began in America. Somalis soon became popular in other parts, especially in Australia.


The Somali cat is of medium size; firm, flexible and well-muscled. The head forms a medium wedge with gentle contours and the ears are set wide apart and tufted. The eyes are almond-shaped, set well apart and are often amber, hazel, or green in color – the deeper the shade the better.

The legs are long and have oval tufted paws. The coat is of medium length and the soft, fine hair is dense but lies flat against the body. On each hair, there should be at least three bands of ticking giving six contrasting color sections from base to tip. The Somali cat comes in a choice of 28 colors.

Coat Length: Long

Age Expectancy: 9-13 yrs.

Size: This is a medium-sized cat weighing 6 to 10 pounds.


 Somali cats are highly intelligent. The Somali breed is playful and enjoys games and toys. Somali cats may be more modest and independent than their Abyssinian cousins but enjoy human company. They are active and enjoy access to outdoor activities.

Feeding & Grooming

Feeding: Every cat is unique and each has their particular likes, dislikes, and needs when it comes to food.

Cats are carnivores and every cat must obtain 41 different nutrients from their food. Proper nutrients will vary depending on age and overall health, so an energetic kitten needs a different balance of nutrients in her diet than a less active senior cat.

Grooming: The Somali cat requires daily grooming to keep the coat free from tangles. However, because the hair is not so long as the likes of the Persian, it is easier to keep the coat in good order.

Somali cats enjoy being groomed if the routine is established and it is easier if done regularly. 

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